Tuesday, December 24, 2002

""Tweety Fever""

" I thot i taw a putty cat. I did, I did, I did taw a putty cat :)".

These are the lines I fell in love with when I first saw Sylvester and Tweety mysteries. And from then on I am a staunch fan of the cute tweety bird. So when I saw this very nice tweety bird keychain in the shop the other day, I couldnt stop from taking it.( Navya bought it for me as a gift and it is a gift i will keep forever). When I took this to college, everyone else too fell in love with it and the trouble started here. Everyday one of my collegues would ask for the same keychain and whenever I had classes in TIME (thats where the shop is) I would get buy some tweeties from the shop. I now have bought all the remaining tweeties in the shop.. and finally I have a new name at college. Everyone is calling me tweety.. and guess what.. I dont mind at all:).