Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Alls well that ends well:P!!!

Well.. this seems to be some kind of apt title to my experiences today evening:). I attended my colleague's daughter's birthday party. It was at some hotel opposite Nampally railway station. Me, Ayesha and her kids, Bharati,Roopa and Sushima went there. Had a lot of fun there with kids running around. The actual story started when we embarked on our return journey. We had taken two autos and we had to first drop Ayesha at her house at Dabilpura and then come back home. Since none of us knew the exact way.. we had to follow the auto into which Ayesha and Sushima got in. Thus started the most hilarious time of my life. We instructed our autowalah to follow their auto...(BIG MISTAKE) and our very sincere and obedient autowallah took to our instructions and started driving in the exact path(exact to a millimeter) taken by the other auto. He tried to follow each and every move of the first auto.. he took the same turns(obviously) but he took it in the same manner..he almost managed to dump us in a dustbin once:O.. But finally we managed to safely come back home:) as the saying goes alls well.....;);):P:)...

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Plight of a lecturer
Started correcting my students' papers.. I had given them a question.. What are the three types of PC cards?
One particular student wrote(Note: very neat and legible handwriting;)) 1. Green Card. 2. Credit Card 3. SBI Card.
My concusion: My dear student wants to take the first flight to US. But I can definitely tell you not for studying there;). If any one of you feels otherwise.. do comment.

Monday, December 09, 2002

one more trial

lets check agn

comments, comments and comments agn;)

trying to post to the new template. lets see how it looks:)

Sunday, December 08, 2002

naya din... naya post;) have nothing much to write just yet:P will do it later.

trying agn ;)